Case Studies

These case studies and testimonials are from Jigsaw’s support and befriending projects.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Mrs F

Mrs F is 86 and lives alone in an alms-house. She keeps herself busy knitting and sewing. She was referred to Jigsaw’s Befriending Scheme as she was feeling cut off and isolated.

Mrs F has an outgoing personality having grown up in a large a family.

Mrs F was introduced to group Befriending where she quickly made new friends, who now phone her during the week therefore helping to reduce her social isolation.

Our Befriending Coordinator also referred Mrs F to a Support Worker who have assisted her in obtaining Attendance Allowance, and accessing free holidays from The Miners Charity.

Mrs F who is one of 60 people regularly benefiting from group befriending says “My life has been turned around since coming to Jigsaw Friends, I really don’t know myself!!”

Mr B

Mr B is a 63 year old gentleman he lives alone, he was referred to our service by a Community Care Officer he had been in hospital for 4 months with gangrene in his stomach he has mobility problems and lives in a 3 bedroom house he was discharged from hospital with no support put in place. He lives alone.

Personal History

Mr B has 3 older children 1 of which is addicted to class A drugs; the son had drug dealers visiting his father’s property to collect drug debts. As his son wasn’t able to pay these debts they caused damage to his father’s council owned property by smashing windows and kicking in the panels of the front door. Mr B also was suffering from high levels of anti-social behaviour from neighbours because of the problems his son bought back to the area. Mr B lived behind closed curtains afraid to leave the property for fear of reprisals. Mr B lived in very poor conditions because of this and his mobility problems and ill health added to his difficulties he could only access the rooms downstairs and he slept on his sofa. He had no working white goods and was unable to cook himself a meal. Mr B has type 1 diabetes and has attempted to take his own life by overdosing on insulin because his situation had got so bad. Mr B had been served a notice of seeking possession by his Housing Officer she had visited the property and carried out an inspection and produced a recharge sheet of repairs totalling £2,334.75 plus there was also rent arrears that weren’t being addressed of approx. £500.00. Mr B is only in receipt of basic state pension and pension credits he is having deductions from his benefits for social loans he had taken out previously. He lived on approx. £80 per week this was to buy food, credit for his electricity meter and other priorities. Mr B is very underweight he is malnourished and unable to take care of himself properly he is unable to have a bath/shower because he is unable to get upstairs so he has neglected himself in terms of his personal care. Mr B was also doubly incontinent and had no facilities to wash his clothes and unable to clean himself up thoroughly he would struggle with a flannel at the kitchen sink in a place where cold food was also prepared.

Support Received

Jigsaw completed an application for housing Mr B was placed in a low banding and not priority need because of the recharge and rent arrears. Jigsaw sourced funding and secured monies to pay all the recharge costs £2,334.75 and rent arrears of approx. £500.00 this then allowed Mr B to move into a higher banding classification a letter was obtained from his GP to support his application. Jigsaw also addressed Mr B’s continence problems and Mr B received treatment which helped and he no longer suffers from incontinence and toilet needs. Jigsaw placed bids on Mr B’s behalf and was successful on a flat within a sheltered complex close to all town centre amenities. Jigsaw obtained furniture and white goods and furnished the flat to a good standard and supported Mr B to move into it. All relevant agencies/utility providers were notified. An application was completed by Jigsaw for PIP and he was awarded higher rate mobility and higher rate daily living component we also completed the forms for the severe disability premium benefit this will now allow Mr B to purchase services he needs to be able to remain independent and living at home. Jigsaw also appealed a TV licensing fine explaining Mr B’s circumstances and the fine was squashed and a future payment plan was then set up. A referral was made to Occupational Therapy for a bath chair, raised toilet seat and grab rails this will help Mr B take care of his personal hygiene, the complex where he lives has washing facilities so Mr B is able to wash and dry his clothes free of charge. Jigsaw also had to arrange for the previous property to be cleared and also a further recharge was put on for minor repair works and a deep clean of £1494.79 this was paid in full from the arrears he received from DWP when he got confirmation of his PIP award. Mr B is now no longer living in fear and his suicidal tendencies have lessened he can access the facilities within his local community easily as he lives close to the town centre, and his financial status has drastically improved and is able to afford to buy food and manage his bills and buy in services to help him maintain his tenancy on a long term basis.

 Future Plans

He is now able to stay living at home with support for shopping and cleaning in place and he feels safe in his own home.  Mr B’s long term plans are to live in clean comfortable conditions, build friendship networks by attending activities in the community centre within the sheltered housing complex.

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