Reasons to work with us

Why Jigsaw?

Our services enable local people in Nottinghamshire, whatever their support need to live independently and safely at home for as long as possible.

At Jigsaw we are supported by the local business community with time, effort and money in order to deliver our projects to our service users.

We are always looking to develop long term and mutually beneficial partnerships to help you make a difference right here in our community.

Why you?

Get involved with the community.

Supporting Jigsaw can provide a strategic and integrated solution to your social responsibility and community objectives.

Why us?

Build your reputation.

A respected local charity like Jigsaw can provide a welcome boost to your reputation.

Why give?

Improved employee development.

A relationship with Jigsaw can give you the opportunity to improve team spirit and build staff morale.

We see all corporate partnerships as mutually beneficial relationships. This is how we can help each other:

  • Achieve your social responsibility objectives by visibly involving you in our work.
  • Showing the local community that you care. By helping us, you demonstrate to the local community that you care about local people.
  • Align yourself with a local charity making a real difference to lives of vulnerable people and with an excellent reputation for doing it well.

We welcome any opportunity for partnership working. We have a fresh and energetic approach to working with our corporate supporters, and understand the importance of true partnership.

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If you would like to reach more customers, build your brand and help out in your local community then please contact us on 01623 415974 or email