Matt Wheatcroft Testimonial

E-commerce website design and on-line marketing support specialists, Purpose Media look for opportunities to demonstrate our corporate social purpose_media_golf_dayresponsibility within the community that we serve.  Even though we operate across the UK, we think it’s important to give something back into the community in which we’re based.  Jigsaw help the most vulnerable in our community to live independently.  Sometimes this independence is lost through a sudden illness or a road traffic accident or through a chronic illness – the reasons are infinite.  But through their services Jigsaw help local people to have a better, safer life, keeping them at home avoiding unnecessary long term care, staying at home where they feel safe and where statistics show they’ll live longer.  Their services have a huge impact on both the length and quality of life right here in Mansfield and Ashfield and for that reason we are delighted to be involved.

Every year we hold a charity golf day and we chose Jigsaw as a beneficiary, donating half the profits to their Befriending Project.  This project provides friendship and companionship for elderly and housebound individuals , usually aged over 60.  For many of the service’s users, their Jigsaw volunteer is the only meaningful conversation they will have in their entire week.  Loneliness on this scale is as bad for you as smoking 15 cigarettes a year. It has a detrimental effect  both physical and mental health.  We were moved by this huge need amongst so many of our most vulnerable inhabitants and we wanted to do something about it.

The golf day allows us to network with clients old and new in a relaxed and enjoyable way but with the added bonus of bringing our clients together to make a real difference in the community, helping people who without Jigsaw would be condemned to a life without conversation or meaningful contact.

I would recommend Jigsaw Support Scheme without reservation as an organisation to work in partnership with to achieve joint aims.  We enjoy being part of the organisation and feel acknowledged that our contribution makes an impact.  They’re really nice people to work with too!  We look forward to developing the relationship further and plan to work on more joint projects going forward.  We understand as a business that the community needs Jigsaw and we are delighted to be part of the solution for local people who need support.

Matt Wheatcroft, Managing Director